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25 April 2005



Dear Readers,

Yesterday I received a comment which puzzled me a bit. A reader called Jack in Austin, TX commented on my past post entitled "Thirteen." What puzzles me is this: why choose that particular post? And, oh, my goodness--could it be that I have reached a milestone in my young life as a blogger? Could it be that my life reads as a fictitious account?

Truthfully, if I was not living it I might not believe it, either. And if I weren't so tangled up in other bloggers' lives and writings it would be easy to dismiss Madeline as a character in my as-yet-unpublished novel.

Jack said:
I'm finding myself exploring different sexual avenues lately.
Maybe I should start a sex blog.
Interesting you don't post your face. Have you read belle de jour?

Madeline said...
With all your other blogs, I'm sure a sex blog would fit right in! Yes, I've read a little bit of Belle, and I must say I'm intrigued by the idea that someday, some marvelous publisher might offer me a ridiculously large sum of money to turn my blog into a tome which garners few positive reviews.

I also read your post, "Blog Popularity," which raises some interesting issues, though I am inclined to take umbrage at a thinly veiled comparison of Belle de Jour's "pandering" blog and my own. Perhaps I am misreading your comments, but a sex worker not revealing his or her identity seems pretty rudimentary stuff, non?

I can assure you that since I'm doing nothing illegal (in most states, anyway), I would have no problem posting my face, as you do. I am not ashamed of my life, and though it may sound fantastic, I do not write fiction.

I do, however, live in a small town with a college full of Internet-surfing coeds and more Wi-Fi locations than you can shake a stick at. I am a fairly well-known person in my community, as well as a native of my town.

I am also a mother, and while I choose to share certain details of my life online, the rest must remain private for the sake of my children.

I'm curious: how did you come across my blog? Because if you want inspiration for an unbelievable sexblog, go to Jefferson's.

It you say?

And it's all true.


Blogger NCTRNL said...

My biggest issue is that I know exactly where she lives...and I have never been asked to meet this amazing woman. Think how I feel...

Anonymous Colton said...

Truth, fiction, or artistic license?

I don't think it would matter to me, at ALL. It's a beautifully written story, and even if it were all made up, I'd keep reading.

But I know Maddie. I have for almost 20 years. She was kind enough to include me as a part of HER story.

And I can verify that my part of her story is almost EXACTLY as I remember it. The only difference is that my car wasn't a Buick and had red vinyl seats. I'm guessing she changed that to protect my identity, just like she changed my name.

So I don't have any reason to doubt the rest of her story.


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