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14 May 2006



Dearest readers, Madeline in the Mirror has been reproduced (read: stolen) without my knowledge or consent. I will not publish the URL on my site, as they don't deserve the extra traffic, but suffice it to say, if you're reading my words anywhere but here or the occasional sex blog showcase, you're reading stolen content. I'm even more incensed by this because I don't make money with my blog. The assholes who are stealing my work have been. Do me a favor, kind readers: Until this is resolved, please alert me by email if you spot my posts anywhere but madelineinthemirror dot blogspot dot com . Also, sorry about the partial RSS feed; it may be the only way to keep the good stuff away from thieving thieves. Kisses to loyal readers at the original site. Please bear with me as I deal with this headache. Thanks.


Blogger the bare frame said...

ach. sorry you have to deal with such bullshit. some people.

Blogger Leela Lamore said...

How bloody rude!!! I cannot understand how people can do such things!

Hugs to you hon, hope you nail the bastids..

Blogger Viviane said...

Man, that so pisses me off. Grrrrrr.

Blogger Freya said...

This happened to me twice this year so far. One woman had like nine of my entries up as her own, even serialized ones.

I'm sorry, darlin.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Thanks, all. Freya, I remember when this happened to you. Thankfully, Girl With a One-Track Mind and I are in this annoying place together and that woman knows what she's doing. She's been immensely helpful, as has Viviane, Stop Internet Censorship and AlexSuze.

For a while anyway, I think I shall preface my posts with a short paragraph directing errant readers at the bastard site to come to my blogspot page. This post ("Nicked") is showing up there as well, so it's an RSS thing.

I love an idiot parade.

Kisses and Thanks,

Anonymous Richard said...

This is very, very common. I've had several sites grabbed by people using "site scraper" software.

Honestly there's not a hell of a lot you can do about it. Particularly if you have a hosted blog as on Blogger since you can't install scripts and stuff that at least makes it harder.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Indeed. Though as long as the bastard site is taking my shit and I am at Blogger's mercy I will be supplying a partial RSS feed.

Y'all will just have to come here to read it all.

I can be sneaky, too.

Blogger Meg said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if youre referring to a feed collector... i have you as a favorite for a feed collectors - just a collection of fav blogs all on one site ( and shows the collection with recent posts first. it has your ownership so its not technically a steal, but your rss is a feed for it. there were google clicks on the site - which i didnt make money on - just part of the feedcollectors site since it is in the beta version.

anyway though i removed yours from the favs so its not being 'stolen'

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

No, not feedcollectors. As long as there is a working linkback to this site, I'm fine with reposts.

I would suggest the courtesy of an email when you'd like to repost all or part of someone's work, as well as proper attribution. That way I can keep track of where I'm being seen online, as well as where my visitors are coming from.

Thanks for the consideration, and as long as feeds are being attributed properly, it's cool with me.



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