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10 August 2005


Dim Threesum


I wake up at 9 AM and walk to the bathroom to pee. The bite mark above my collarbone has turned dark purple, my ass and sides are crossed with red lines from the crop, and there are more bites on my calves.

I brush my teeth and splash my face. I slide back into bed and finish the water on the nightstand. I lean over to kiss Jefferson’s sleeping head and Viviane opens her eyes.

“’Morning, sunshine. It’s 9:00. Think we’ll be at dim sum by 11:30?!”

“Christ…how late were we up?”

“5:30. ‘Cause we’re fucking nuts.”

We go back to sleep for another hour. I turn onto my side and wake up with Jefferson’s cock hard against my ass. My clit is throbbing. I put two fingers on it, and just press, rocking my hips slightly. My pussy is wet against his thigh.

Viviane gets up to go to the bathroom. Jefferson takes out a condom and rolls me onto my back. He smoothes my hair from my face and kisses me as his cock presses into my cunt. We make love for the better part of an hour while Viviane watches and fondles my nipples. We are moving slowly, circling our hips while his cock stays inside me, and then switching back to forward thrusts.

It feels so good; I cum, quivering from my toes to my scalp.

Jefferson moves from me to Viviane, putting on a fresh condom and taking on her rhythm. I lean on the pillows with my water and gather the strength to get up.

I walk nude to the kitchen and refill my glass. I drink a huge slug of orange juice from the carton. When I walk back to the room I was struck by what I saw. Jefferson is on top of Viviane, and I set my glass down on the bookcase, stopping to look at his feet.

I've becomed very attached to Jefferson's feet in the last few days, with many foot rubs and toe poppings exchanged. I’d had his toes in my pussy at one point last night. Now I just wanted to suck on them.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took a foot in both hands. I flicked my tongue in between his toes and sucked each one, biting gently.

I had a nice view of his cock sliding in and out of Viviane’s pussy. He switched his rhythm and pulled her legs up. I moved away and sat in the chair to watch and drink my water.

I wanted to give them time without me in the mix, and it was a nice show. They had been at it for a good 40 minutes.

Viviane looked over at me. I smiled, and she extended her hand, pulling me into their space.

I kissed her and sucked her breast. She put her hand on my pussy, then found my clit. I sat up, moving with Jefferson’s pace as he fucked her, circling myself around her fingers.

I looked to Jefferson. We kissed and looked back at Viviane as we sped things up. I arched my back, grabbed my ass cheeks and came. As my orgasm ended, Jefferson’s began.

He left the room and Viviane and I lay together on the bed, basking in the glow of the recently laid.

When Jefferson returned, he laughed as he surveyed the room.

“This place looks like one of those ‘guess what happened here’ games!”

It’s true. With the piles of rope on the floor and hanging from doorways, the collection of condom wrappers strewn about, the shirt-draped television and collection of butt plugs and lube on the nightstand, it really is comical. I appoint myself staff archivist and photograph the scene.

Viviane gets up to shower and call her friends, whom we won’t be joining for dim sum. It is 11:00 and Jefferson and I stay in bed while she does.

“That was some mighty fine het’rosexual lovin’, baby.”

I laughed.

“Mmmmm, Jefferson, the last two days have been so awesome, us with Viviane. I’ve had so much fun. I just can’t imagine topping last night and this morning. And you know, I kind of don’t want to try.”

“You’re right. Let’s go for dim sum, toy shopping, and call it a day. We may all need to recover. And I do want you to myself some more.”

Jefferson and I shower together, dress and the three of us head toward the subway. Viviane and I walk together on Canal Street, commenting on how annoying it is when people walk without purpose. Jefferson brings up the rear.

We spend the next hour and change drinking strong tea, eating dim sum and trying to come out of our sex-induced comas. I feel stupid. And silly. And sleepy. And full.

Jefferson decides to get dinner to take home and buys half a roasted duck and noodles for later.

We hail a cab and ride over to Purple Passion. Fetishistas rejoice! Jefferson and Viviane spend their time looking at the floggers and cat o’nine tails, while I head for the nipple clamps and strap-on harnesses.

I end up buying a set of Smart Balls, which I can tell you now are VERY nice. Highly recommended. I’ve been walking around with them inside me and I can feel my already strong PC muscles getting stronger.

Watch out- soon I’ll be crushing walnuts with my pussy.

We cross to the subway and sit on the train like three zombies.

“What are you guys gonna do for the rest of the day?”

“I was thinking I might try and write some…I’ve been here for three days and I haven’t written a thing. I’m going to start forgetting soon. And I need to get a handle on this stupid sex coma…I can’t put two thoughts together.”
(Me: stupid grin…)

“I’d like to write, too. And perhaps a nap is in the offing?”
(He: looks at me inquisitively...)

“I was thinking I might go hang out at my building’s pool.”
(She: stares blankly ahead…)

I am snapped back to my senses.

“Viv, baby, get real. You can’t go to the pool with those bruises.”

It was true. Viviane had a huge bruise on her upper arm, and bite marks on her upper chest, tits and stomach.



Anonymous DV said...

Realism and nice touches. Bite marks have a way of changing everything...

Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

well.. i would have went to the pool anyway .. because i just dont care what people think of me ..

and Madeline? what colour where those balls ? .. I just have to know

Blogger Freya said...

I love my smart balls.

I love this vacation of yours too, keep writing, doll.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

I think Viviane actually did go to the pool.

Who am I to talk, though, walking all over Manhattan with obviously sex-related bruises on my neck and arms?

I love my (Black and Silver) SmartBalls. So much that I'm wearing them right now...jiggle, jiggle.


Blogger Viviane said...

Madeline, never made it to the pool. I went home and took a long nap. That bruise was the size of a baby's fist. I had a couple days of explaining that I, uh, hit myself moving a CPU. Yeah, that's it.

Freya, I like your new profile picture.

Anonymous Introspectre said...

I've had bruises keep me out of the pool. I was hoping there was some way around them...but no...

Blogger W. S. Cross said...

"Heterosexual loving"? Hmmm, have to change my definitions. Nicely told, though!


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