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02 March 2005


Playdate II

Clearly it’s been far too long since I had sex. I know this because I was like a freaking junkie being presented with as much smack as she could do in an hour.

I’d just finished my shower, threw on an old white t shirt and started the washer. Music was on shuffle and turned up. I answered the door, and Thomas stood there, dressed in a trench coat, scarf and sunglasses.

“Ha! You look like a J man!”

“I’m here to continue my investigation.”

I pull him into the apartment; he takes my head in his hands and kisses my mouth. My hands are already working to remove his coat. Piece by piece, I undress him and carefully hang everything on the hooks by the front door.

My childrens' coats will hang there in three hours.

I go to my knees and untie his shoes; help him out of them and his socks. His trousers fall. I hang them next to his shirt. He keeps his hand on my head, then takes the neck of my shirt and pulls it off. We are naked.

His cock is hard, and in my face. There is already a drop of precum, which I lick off, then take him deep into my mouth. He holds my head and fucks my throat. It is so deep..past my gag reflex. All the way. I try to swallow and my throat closes around his dick. He is moaning; tears are running down my face. I fucking love this.

I walk over to the futon; he pushes me down and spreads my legs. Pulls me to the edge and kneels in front of me. I’m still panting from the feeling of his cock in my throat, so things are a bit fuzzy…there are lips, fingers, tongues and teeth involved… He keeps bringing me to the edge, then backing off…Goddamn it! Let me cum! He laughs, and does.

And we’re off. I’m bent in half, ankles by my ears, watching-- looking up to see his face. He’s very into this. He keeps an eye on my face as his hand is choking me… So considerate…

We don’t leave the living room. I get off several times. He gets carpet burns. I’m ready for him to cum. I work his dick with my mouth and hands, then sit back and watch as he strokes himself and looks at me.

Afterwards, we are walking around the apartment naked, washing faces, getting water, dressing. I go into my bedroom and return, holding my panties. Smiling.

They’re sitting in some corporate boardroom right now.


Blogger j said...

so nice to read about a woman after my own heart. just wanted to say thanks for the smoking hot post.

i fyou end up checking out my blog you will see why i appreciated your posting so much. so nice to hear how much a woman loves to get fucked and get face fucked...super nice!

anyways...i look forward to reading more. take care-


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