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04 March 2005


Pebbles and Friends

I know people who worry about what they’ll lose in the course of a few good loads of laundry. Sock-eating dryers seem to be the bane of existence for so many folks. Not me. My washing machine consistently turns out new (cleaner) versions of everyday items stuffed into little-boy-pockets: pebbles (from the playground), rocks (from the parking lot), lollipop sticks and little balls of Hershey’s Kisses foil.

I really should be more vigilant about going through pockets before I throw their contents at the mercy of the agitator. It can't be good for those hard little pebbles scratching and spinning around in there... Since my children are both males, aged 2 and 4, this stashing habit will likely continue until well into adulthood. The hidden treasures will eventually include gum wrappers, pens, change, phone numbers, and notes from girls in 5th period Trig class. If I do my job well, I'll find drivers' licenses, cash from shoveling the neighbors' walks, receipts for condoms....

For now, though, I am faced with the dilemma of small plastic animals being lifted from their bins at preschool and spirited away in tiny pockets; only to be showered, soaped and spun clean in my Kenmore.

Yesterday there was an animal party in the laundry room: a grey cat, a beagle, a stegosaurus and a t-rex. These are not our toys, so I collect them from the washer bin, show them to the boys, tell them we don’t take things which aren’t ours, and we need to return them to school. They do this dutifully, always with the same,

“Momma, we promise we won’t do it again.”
"Yeah, Momma. We PRAH-miss!" (Solemnly nodding.)

In three or four days one or more of their little friends will have returned.


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