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07 March 2005


Sunday Evening with Miles

Momma, why can’t Daddy live here with us?

Because, darlin’. Daddy lives in Georgia now.

But WHY?? Why can’t he live here, with us?

Miles, honey, Momma and Daddy can’t live together anymore. It’s like Tristan, who used to be in your class, but it was very hard for him and he was very sad. And it was hard for the other kids in the class because he was so sad? But he’s in a different school now, and everyone is happier. That’s kind of how it is for Momma and Daddy. We get too sad and we have a hard time when we live together. We are both happier when Daddy doesn’t live here.

You should try better to be happy.

Baby, Daddy and I both love you and Jack so much. I know it is hard to understand. It’s hard for Momma sometimes, too. But I’m a better Momma this way. And Daddy is a better Daddy.

Am I your favorite boy in the whole world?

You are my favorite Miles in the whole wide world. And Jack is my favorite Jack.

Momma, I love you to the center of Planet Earth and back! Can we have pancakes for dinner?


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