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15 February 2006


Best Day Ever!

Not ten minutes ago I was jerking off in bed after a very lovely full night's sleep, when Miles called out from his room.

"Momma? I . . . I wet myself!"

"Just now?"

"Yes, that's why I woke up!"

"Uh, okay, you know what to do; I'll meet you in the bathroom."

You know, at least I wasn't using the loud vibrator.

I started the bathwater and was transfering the towel from the shower bar to the hook behind the door when he came stumbling in holding his bedsheet, eyes blinking, Spongebob pajamas soaked.

He spoke in his scratchy, still-sleepy voice.

"Happy Birthday, Momma."

Shit. I hadn't even been awake long enough to remember what day it was.

"Oh, sweetheart, thank you!" My eyes started welling.

I hugged him tight, pee and all.


Anonymous laurent said...

Ya never know when those moments of pure joy will show up. Treasure them.
The pee soaked sponge bob pjs dont really matter do they.

Happy birthday to a smart, witty, way sexy lady!.(based on your writing anyway)

Blogger Viviane said...

Happy birthday, my darling!

Blogger Dacia said...

Happy birthday, pretty lady!

Blogger Meg said...

harold arlen, who?

happy birthday to YOU!

Blogger Jefferson said...

I'm so happy about your birthday, I wet myself.

Blogger Lex Konrad said...

Saw your comment... happy (belated) birthday, babe!

Blogger MrManicDepressive said...

Hey! We were born on the same day! What a coinkadink! Happy Birthday!

Blogger Green Eyes said...

Happy Birthday! I had to laugh at this one, pretty similar situations.
Last night while I was playing with mine, my 3 year old fell out of his bed. Talk about timing!


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