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09 March 2006



Yes, I know it's been too long. I want you to know that I haven't just been sitting on my ass (sometimes I type standing up), I've been working on a super-secret project with fellow writers Mikey Mongol, Elizabeth and our beloved editrix, Viviane:

TGP is the baby of Sam Sugar and a part of the SexNotWork y'all may have heard about.

Basically, we're disseminating quality smut to the masses. No need to thank us, that's why we're here.

Listen, here on my personal blog I don't trade links. If I like someone's site I'll link to it. If I see that someone's linked to me, I'll check them out and link back if I like their stuff. I like maintaining control of my personal space and the whole "Hey, if you link to me I'll link back" thing just makes me uncomfortable.


TGP is a different animal, being link-driven and I have no problem telling you that if you are interested in directing traffic to your site, a link exchange with TGP will do it. There's an easy form in the sidebar.

Link to us and we'll hit you back.
With a belt.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Did I tell you Jefferson came for a visit?
I didn't?


Blogger brat said...

Damn Straight you are a tease!

Come on - tell, tell!

Anonymous laurent said...

I like when you tease!

Blogger Jefferson said...

Yes, we are dying to know!

Jesus Christ . . .

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Prove to me that you're no fool
Walk across my swimming pool

Blogger brat said...

Oooh! Jefferson - no fair double teasing me!

Double teaming maybe, but I'm no good at being teased! :)

Why haven't you blogged about it yet!


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