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17 January 2006


Josh Joins Us

After a late lunch at the noodle place, we did some gift shopping. It was around 3:30 and we’d posted for another circle jerk after work that evening, so Jefferson was anxious to get home and check the responses. I still had a couple things left to find, so I sent him back and continued alone.

When I got back to the apartment, he was at the computer.

“Hey, honey! How’s it shaping up?”

“Not as well as we’d have liked, I’m afraid. Lunchtime seems to work best for these scenes, apparently. Seems like folks are just wanting to get home after work.”

“Oh, well, I guess that leaves us free for my last night. What should we do?”

“Well, if nobody shows, do you want to go see Bareback Mountain?”

“Will you STOP calling it that?! Gah!”

He laughed.

As Jefferson worked, I put my gifts into the suitcase and replaced it behind the chair. I looked at the blinds I’d shut that morning and they were dusty. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and noticed that it, too, could use a cleaning. I gathered supplies and carried them to the bathroom.

I scrubbed, thinking that in 24 hours I’d be on a plane home.

When I’d finished, the bathroom gleamed and the bedroom smelled like Murphy’s Oil Soap. The stray ficus leaves were cleaned from the floor and I replaced the bucket and cleaning supplies.

I was anxious. Partly because I was leaving the next day, and partly because marcus had deleted his post about me before I’d had a chance to read it.

But others had read it, and Jefferson was being reassuring to the people who were IMming him, worried about it. We had a brief conversation about it, me voicing my concerns, he understanding and agreeing about the absurdity of it all.

We were on the couch, my head in his lap, “I just wonder when it will end, you know? The speculations about us, the comments about me…”

“Honey, don’t you worry about that. I’ve got it taken care of. Right now, we’ve got one, maybe two guys coming over in a bit to watch us have sex and jerk off. Think you can handle that?”

“Well, it was really hot the other day with the three guys; I guess two wouldn’t be so bad, and I do enjoy fucking you, so…”

I got a glass of wine for myself and a bourbon for Jefferson.

A knock came on the door when Jefferson was in the bathroom. I got up to answer it.

As I pulled the door open and peeked around I was greeted with the sweetest face ever.


“Yeah, hi…”

“Come in. I’m Madeline,” I said, extending my hand. He shook it, smiling, “Nice to meet you, Madeline.”

Jefferson walked down the hallway toward us.

“Jefferson, this is Josh. Josh, this is Jefferson.”

“Hi, how are you?”

“Great! I found the place no problem.”

“Were you worried you might not find it?” I asked.

“I’ve lived in the city a few months, so I’m always careful to allow for extra time to get to unfamiliar places.”

“Cool; where are you from?”

It was just like that; we fell into an easy conversation with this sweet young boy from Illinois. Must have been the Midwestern genes capitalizing on one another.

Josh was slim, with chiseled features made more striking by the chin-length blond waves framing his face. He was genuine and sweet. And he had a secret.

He was thinking about starting a blog.

I balked a bit at that information: Did he know about our blogs? Was this boy someone we could trust? We’d given him our real names.

Jefferson was cool. Josh was cool. We talked about the tricky business of blogging.

Jefferson recounted the story of how we met. It was the first time I’d heard him tell it. I smiled, my toes in his lap the whole time.

I relaxed and offered Josh a drink.

As I was getting his wine in the kitchen, I heard Jefferson telling him that it was possible he’d be the only guest tonight. And if he’d rather not stay, we understood.

As I brought him his cabernet, the boy beamed, “Oh, I’m glad to be here…whatever you guys want to do is cool with me…actually, I’ve been with several couples, so I’m cool with that.”

“Oh, that’s good to know. Do you have any questions, Madeline?”

“Yes, baby, I do. I am interested in Josh’s experiences with couples…were they heterosexual experiences? Did they involve bondage?”

Josh smiled. “Mostly I fucked the woman or watched as the guy did. I’m straight, so I’m not into kissing guys or sucking cock, and I don’t have much experience with bondage…I’d be interested in learning.”

That was all I needed to hear.

We went to the bedroom, where I’d lit candles earlier.

Jefferson suggested we all get comfortable on the bed.

We undressed, Jefferson and I kissing as we shed our clothes.

We were all pretty nonchalant about being naked together, like this was just a natural extension of our conversation on the couch, just with exposed genitalia.

His body was gorgeous. Lanky and sinuous, it gave away his profession as a Pilates instructor. He put his rings and bracelet on the bookcase.

I kissed him. Sweet, sucking, lapping kisses. His hands were on my breasts and his mouth followed. I kissed his nipples and sucked them as Jefferson moved between my legs. I gasped and moved my hand to Josh’s cock, rock hard against his belly.

I took it in my mouth, enjoying the definition of his head above his shaft, sucking long and deep, down to his balls.

“Oh, god, baby, yeah, do that…suck that cock…unnh…suck my cock.”

Sometimes talk like that doesn’t do it for me, but with Josh it sounded sweet and I was more than happy to oblige.

Jefferson licked my clit as I sucked Josh up and down, as he pinched my nipples and said I was hot.

“Unnh, I need to be fucked…” I said, to no one in particular.

Jefferson looked at Josh.

“Could I watch you two for a while?” Josh asked.

“Of course. Come here, Madeline.”

I pulled my mouth off Josh’s dick and he moved to sit in the chair. Jefferson and I knelt on the bed, kissing, our hands traveling their paths over nipples, hips, asses. He tossed me back onto the pillows.

In the time it took from him to flip me onto my knees until he was pushing into me my cunt was on fire. I looked over at the sweet boy in the chair, stroking his shaft. I was pulled away by Jefferson’s cock sliding up, taking my breath away, and fucking me like only he knows how.

“Yeah, fuck her, man. That is hot. You like the way he fucks you?”

I was nodding my head, which is like a reflex when I’m about to cum and I don’t want him to change anything... just keep doing that. I came hard as Jefferson held his cock deep inside and slowly circled his hips.

Josh was smiling, touching his nipple.

My thoughts went to earlier in the evening. Jefferson and I had exchanged glances during our long conversation with Josh on the couch, and when he left to go to the bathroom, Jefferson said, “Okay, he seems great!”

“I know! And he’s not shy or weirded out about anything! Plus, he smells really good. Let’s keep him!”

Josh came back and we set up the boundaries. This was when I raised the bondage and discipline question.

I remembered this now as I came back to myself. I turned to Jefferson and requested a spanking lesson. He got the flogger and riding crop, putting them aside for the moment while I stood facing the door, bracing myself and sticking my ass out.

Jefferson explained with his palms the importance of warming up the area, sensitizing the skin for harder blows. He pointed out the anatomy of the back, which areas to avoid and the proper grip on a riding crop. Josh’s eyes lit up when Jefferson smacked me with the flogger.

“Oh, wow…that is hot! Can I try?”

“Sure…it gives a nice sound effect when you twirl it several times and then let it land. Like this.”


I love that initial stinging, the ensuing warmth floating like smoke up my back and down my thighs and around to my pussy.

After a few practice tries with Jefferson supervising and correcting, Josh started in on my ass and thighs. Jefferson moved up to hold me.

Josh started out well, but then got a bit carried away...easy to do first time out. There wasn’t much variation in rhythm or intensity and everything ran together.

My face was next to Jefferson’s. I whispered, “That’s enough…that’s too much.”

Jefferson stopped the flogging lesson and we took a break to talk.

Josh asked lots of questions and I felt like we were teaching a seminar, taking turns answering. I hoped we weren’t monopolizing the conversation, but it was just so much fun doing what we do and then opening the floor for discussion.

At one point he said, “Madeline, you have a great voice…you should be on the radio or something.”

I wondered if that meant I was talking too much, which happens when I’m excited about a topic.
Speaking of exciting topics, I mentioned that I wanted to have both their cocks in my pussy. Josh looked dumbstruck.

Jefferson smiled and nodded, “I think that’s a fine idea. Josh, what do you think?”

“How does that work?”

“Well,” I began, “it’s like this. You lie on your back, I ride your cock facing you. Jefferson comes behind me and slides his cock alongside yours up into my pussy and you both fuck me.”

“Wow, I think I could do that.”

We started in again, with Josh sitting at the edge of the bed as I blew him and then rolled a condom on, straddling him. I caught him glancing over at Jefferson who was rolling on a condom and lubing his cock.

“Hey, baby,” I turned his head back to me, “Over here.”

As soon as Jefferson stepped between his feet, positioning himself behind me, my rhythm somehow got fucked up and Josh’s cock slipped out, not at all hard.

Oh, poor baby…

We tried a different, thinner condom. No luck. I guess the thought of being tightly pressed to another hard-on and encased in pussy was a bit much for Josh’s penis to process.

“It’s fine, Josh, it happens. Madeline, would you like a little bondage to go with your sex tonight?”

“Yes, please!”

As Jefferson set to lining up ropes of various lengths across the foot of the bed, Josh asked me what I liked about rope, as opposed to the leather or nylon cuffs he’s seen people use.

“God, there are so many more possibilities with rope. I mean, it’s cool to cuff someone’s wrists behind their back so they can’t use them at all, but think about how hot it would be to, say, bind someone’s wrist, pull that arm behind their neck and then connect the other end of the rope around the opposite ankle. Then have the person try to walk. The action of stepping forward pulls the shoulder back, causing the person to be off-balance. It doesn’t work, and they are forced to be creative in finding a solution.

Also, the feel of rope on my skin is just so nice. When done well, the rope feels like part of my body. Rope leaves marks. I like seeing them as a reminder.

Finally, there is an ease to snapping wrists and ankles into cuffs which is fun and quick. But someone who spends the time perfecting a knot, who understands aesthetics and views the bondage as art and a sensuous act in itself, well, damn, that’s just plain hot.”

“God, I never thought about rope like that.”

“Rope is trickier and more time-intensive than the pre-made cuffs. It takes some skill and practice, and the whole process becomes this exercise in trust. I adore being bound.”

I think he gulped.

Jefferson instructed me to get onto all fours on the bed. He told Josh he was going to bind my tits. He got the rope loops ready and fed a breast into each, pulling them tight across my chest and around my back.

A length of rope later my arms were bound behind my back at waist level, wrists to elbows.

A short piece later and the rope binding my arms was attached to the one in the middle of my back.

Jefferson grinned.

“Now she has a handle.”

He grabbed the rope and pulled me back. I laughed, looking down at my tits, squeezed by the ropes, jutting out even more due to my shoulders being held back. It was damn hot.

Jefferson kept me kneeling on the bed, spreading my legs and gently pushing my upper body forward to a pillow. My chest was down, ass up and he held onto the rope, steadying himself and tossing me around as he fucked me from behind.

I had no ability to brace myself, so my hips and pelvis were extremely relaxed. I came in no time. I heard Josh’s breathing quicken. He was standing in front of me. Jefferson unbound my arms and said, “Suck his cock.”

I crawled forward, wetting my mouth and felt his hands on my head as I took his dick down my throat.

I watched his leg muscles contract and lengthen as he thrust his hips forward. One hand on the mattress, I couldn’t resist resting the other on the inguinal crease at the top of his thigh. It’s my favorite spot to touch on a person—that space between the hip and the pubis—it is sensitive to light touch and it is a vulnerable spot on the body. The femoral artery passes through it, fairly close to the surface, pumping blood to the groin and lower body.

When I touch that spot and feel the pulsing of blood beneath my fingers it is such a thrill. I doubt that, during sex most people even think about what it would mean to cut off blood flow from that place or what would happen if the vessel were severed. It’s a big fucking artery. A person could bleed to death in minutes.

And no, I don’t fantasize about tourniquets or razor blades here, but I do equate that feeling of power with another natural phenomenon: when, say, a dog trusts you it lies on its back, exposing its vulnerable underbelly for you to scratch and rub (or kick, as the case may be). That’s pure trust folks, and it’s a risky business.

To expose ourselves, literally and figuratively, takes guts and I always feel a sort of responsible gratitude when people let me rub their bellies. We all take risks when we get naked together and I like to acknowledge that.

As I was sucking Josh’s cock and enjoying his skin close to my face and his hard-as-rock dick in my mouth, Jefferson leaned into my ear and whispered,

“Would you like Josh to fuck you?”


Jefferson handed me a condom and I put it on the wet cock in front of me. Josh pushed me onto my back and pulled me to the edge of the bed by my thighs.

It was a good fuck.

Jefferson bit my nipples as I fingered my clit (Oh, yeah, touch yourself, baby…you love to do that, don’t you?) and Josh slammed into me, holding my legs up to his chest, his hips pounding into mine, his balls slapping my ass.

I felt his body tense, his grip on my ankles tightened and he pulled out, throwing off the condom and jerking fast. He came on his hand and shot onto my belly.

We lounged around for a bit, cleaning ourselves of Josh’s cum. Jefferson and I sat in the chair by the window and watched him get dressed.

“This was so much fun!” I said, “I’m glad no one else showed up.”

“I had a fantastic time…you guys are so cool. And I learned something!”

“Well, we were more than happy to teach,” replied Jefferson. “It’s fun to do things like this with people who are secure with their sexuality.”

“Yeah, it was really cool being with you two. You’re so totally into each other.”

“Baby, that’s just love, pure and simple.”

“Yeah, that’s it, huh? Awesome.”

We said goodbye to our new friend, changed the sheets and Jefferson made us a late supper of gigantic burritos. We ate them naked, the bed tray between us, Comedy Central in front of us. I fell asleep on his chest.


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if ever I am in the area I would love to meet yall

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That was absolutely delicious to read. I especially like what you had to say about rope - just lovely.


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