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13 January 2006



Viviane and Jefferson have been goading me to post this announcement on my site (Breaking my narrative thread! Horrors!)

I'm a finalist in the Best Sex Blog category over at The Best of Blogs.

Huh? Whut?

I thought it was sweet of Viviane to nominate me, and then I sort of forgot about it (got fucking to write...) until she forwarded the link to me.

I really didn't want to get into the whole self-promotion thing, but since I don't have an agent to do it for me, I just wanted to get the word out.

It's really you readers who give me the extra push to write more, and your comments make me think, which helps me to write. So, this is due in large part to you.

Apparently the reading public can vote for their favorites, and the winner will be chosen by the editors over at the site.

Look at who's nominated with me! Look at all the women! It's cool to be included in that list of smart bitches and fellas. Thanks, BoB!

Ambient Storms Provocative Persiflage –
Fantasy Found –
Madeline in the mirror –
Myths and Metawhores –
Easily Aroused –
Pussy Talk –
Dirty Little Mind –
Rack The Jipper –
Wet Miranda –
Sex and the Second City –

There are lots of other categories besides the NSFW one; go check them out.

After your morning (or evening) fix of fucking, sucking, grinding and cumming, of course.



Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

Congratulations and best of luck to you! You have a really wonderful blog here.

Blogger Used Hack said...

Don't worry about the self-promotion. Almost every nominated blog has mentioned it (including me, most humorous category).

Congratulations and good luck!

Blogger Adam said...

Well earned—and I'm sure Jefferson will get a reward for getting you started here! Love your writing, and I've been enjoying catching up on your parallel archives. I'm not sure which of you I have the bigger crush on, though...;-)

Blogger Lori said...

I have voted. Best of luck, you deserve to win.


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