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14 September 2005


Crossing Jordan

We went to Mary and George's hotel.

Turns out that Jordan had talked with them and they’d like to play with us in private. Perfect, I thought. I'd had fun with the girls so far, but if I’m going to have sex tonight, I’d like a cock to be in the mix as well.

George has a nice, large-ish black cock.

George also has a feeble straight-boy brain.

Now, I ask you, if you were a man facing three very hot women whose sole purpose for being in this hotel room was to get you and each other off, would you turn on SportsCenter?

Oh, yes, he did.

Jordan and Mary were kissing. I got George naked and rolled a condom onto his cock with my mouth. I sucked him and then rode him, really not feeling much of anything, try as I might.

Could have had something to do with the fact that he was commenting on the evening's boxing results. I think. Maybe...

I moved over to Mary while Jordan took up with George.

Mary was on her period and would not be getting naked. More’s the pity, because I’d have really liked to have that body melting onto mine. As it was, she sucked my tits and fingered my clit and it was very nice, but we were both more interested in George and Jordan’s scene.

She was on her back, he was pumping into her.

“Give her that black cock, baby,” Mary's voice was raspy.

“Yeah, fuck this pussy,” Jordan moaned.

I was holding one of her legs and sucking a tit.

“Flip her over, George,” I said.

He pulled out and Jordan rolled onto her elbows and knees. In a second he was banging her again.

By this time Mary and I were sitting back, watching them. Jordan looked up at me. I recognized something in her eyes. My right hand was twitching. I clenched my fist and extended my fingers, sitting myself up to my knees. I rested my hand on her ass, grasping and releasing flesh.

I smacked her. First lightly, then leading up to loud whacks as he fucked her from behind. It was the first time she'd been spanked.

Eventually they stopped. George dressed and announced that he was going to another room down the hall where some of the other party guests had ended up. Mary said she would stay with us.

As he dressed and talked with her, Jordan and I were naked on the bed, kissing. My hands traced her collarbone, breasts, belly, ass.

There was a knock on the door. George opened it a crack, talking to the partygoer outside, who peeking in, asked if she could come in and play with the 'girls from the party.'

“Oh, Hell No…” Jordan said.

“Sorry, private party,” I called out, my fingers traveling down to her pussy.

“Are you okay, Jordan?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmmm, damn, baby,” she whispered.

Groans of disappointment from the hallway. Too fucking bad, I thought. Stand around in your clothes watching someone else have sex. Done that. Not doing it again.

George left as I moved down between Jordan's legs. She and I had talked about our orgasmic differences; she was jealous of my ease in cumming, because it takes her a long time. I had prepared myself for this journey.

Mary settled onto the other bed, watching us as I licked up one side of Jordan’s shaved labia, feeling her flesh on my lips. It was soft and dense, like a horse’s muzzle; like velvet, warm and wet and inviting.

I took my time, enjoying her scent and swirling my tongue around the vicinity of her clit. Wetting her lips with mine, I traced a path downward. I pulled my head back, looking at the slickness and arousal I had just created. This mocha-pink pussy was so wet and smelled like girl and her chest was rising up back arched and I traced her nipples with my fingers they were so hard and dark and I lightly moved my hands together down her torso to her cunt.

I parted her outer lips and was now pulling up on her hood, my tongue searching for that hard, engorged ball.

Jordan was sighing as I adjusted my angle. Where was her fucking clit? I started to feel a bit self-conscious, inexperienced. How can this be? I know human anatomy, for god’s sake. I know where the goddamned clitoris is located…

With a flat tongue I pressed upward, looking to her face for a sign—anything—that I was hitting paydirt. Then…

She gasps sharply. Her thigh tenses. My tongue is pressing firmly up toward her pubis. I do some more fanning around and I feel it.

My girl’s clit is tiny, much smaller than mine (which is, I don't know, about the size of a pencil eraser?). It is so elusive, my new little friend. I start to wonder how many people have actually taken the time to search it out, to discover what makes it happy. I settle in, once again feeling secure in my knowledge of girly parts.

I press my tongue up, circling and stroking over her clit. She pulls my head and raised her hips up to meet my mouth. She needs more pressure. I can do that if I use a pointed tongue, but when I try that I keep losing contact with her clit.

I instinctively move my face up her slit and press my chin into that space, rocking slightly.


Jordan is moaning. She is so wet. Her pussy is contracting. I slip two fingers in, circling her opening, feeling her cunt surrounding me, sucking me in.

I curve my fingers up, feeling for the rough spot that I hope will send her over the edge. I start to massage her g spot. I put my thumb on her clit, swollen and as large as it is going to get. She gasps, hums, says

“o my god, baby, that’s so gooood.”

Fuck, I wish I had a cock. I am so hot for this girl.

I had forgotten about our audience. Mary is lying on the other bed, saying,

“Goddamn, bitches. I’m so jealous.”

We have been alone on the bed for about thirty minutes. Her body is ripe for cumming. All the good feelings are flowing, her pussy is juiced, her back arching and writhing with pleasure.

I put my left hand above her pubis, pressing down toward the fingers inside her pussy. She gets louder, moaning, so close…

Sshhhh, relax, baby. Just relax and let go.

I increase the pressure and speed, building to a pace that would have me hitting the ceiling. She is riding it, her hips thrusting up,

“Yeah, god, that’s IT”

She is going to cum. I can’t wait to see this.

The door swings open.

George walks in, complaining loudly about something in the room down the hall.

And just like that, the ever-elusive orgasm scuttled back under its rock. Gone. Spoiled in a second.

George tells Mary he wants her to come with him. She looks at us and asks, “Are you two about done, anyway?”

Jordan is very polite. She says yes.

I kiss her.

“I’m sorry, baby,” I whisper, “you were so close.”

“I was. Maddie, you are good…goddammit!”

We get dressed. It is 3:30 AM. My phone is ringing. Louis XIV’s "Finding Out True Love is Blind." Marcus’s ring.

I pick up, tell him we’re just leaving the hotel and that I’ll call him back in 5 minutes.

Jordan drives me back to my car, parked outside the bar where we met. We already had plans for the following Tuesday to meet for lunch to get to know one another. We laugh that we are doing this backwards.

We decide to keep the lunch date anyway.

Driving home I dial Marcus’s number. No answer. He must be asleep, it’s 5 AM in DC. I get his voicemail.

“Hey sweetheart. It’s Maddie. Holy Shit, Marcus, this was a crazy evening. Thanks for your advice about the party-- it sucked, by the way. But I had a great time with Jordan. Call me when you are awake and I’ll tell you all about it. Right now, I’m driving in my car inhaling the scent of girl on my face. For some strange reason, that makes me think of you.”

I arrive home, undress at the door and see my Bloglines icon flashing. Jefferson has put up a new post. I sit down naked on my giant ball to read. I finish it, smiling, and send him an email.

And then, walking to the shower I think,

“Madeline, could your life be any better right now?”

I smile as I peel a tiny silver heart off my hipbone.


Blogger marcus said...

ach, these clauses:

would you turn on SportsCenter?
My hands traced her collarbone, breasts, belly, ass.
like a horse’s muzzle
This mocha-pink pussy
searching for that hard, engorged ball
once again feeling secure in my knowledge of girly parts.
Fuck, I wish I had a cock.
And just like that, the ever-elusive orgasm scuttled back under its rock.
I smile as I peel a tiny silver heart off my hipbone.

THIS is why i love reading your blog. damn, baby... you blow me away.

Blogger Jenna said...

I was thinking the same thing, It takes a special kind of idiot to turn on SportsCenter and think about Boxing results when you have Madeline's lips wrapped around your cock.

Okay, I don't have a cock, but you know what I mean...

Blogger Viviane said...

Everything Marcus said! Bisous.

Blogger Freya said...

Are you kidding me? the man is faced with three gorgeous women and he turns on the television and acts barely interested? Uh, some people should have stayed at home I think.

Lovely entry though, darlin.

Blogger ~ Storm said...

like a horse’s muzzle....

YES! I know that feeling and I've never thought of it that way.

Great post! Very hot.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

aww...thanks, y'all.

you know, i'm almost blushing.


Blogger VanillaZest said...

Wow, you are the newest stop on my blog tour. Very hot stuff.

I have to agree with what marcus said. Nice writing... that adds an extra 't' to how hott that story was.

I love Sportcenter as much as the next guy but DAMN!!!

Blogger The Rendezvous said...

I think some MEN are supposed to be at home.Hey you made me hard while reading your blog.I would be interested to fuck "The three gorgeous women".. at ago..

I loved the clauses

"like a horse’s muzzle
This mocha-pink pussy"..

Anonymous Slowhand said...

My first visit here, and all I can say is WOW! I'll be back for sure. Thanks!


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