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Je veux être la fille avec la plupart de gâteau. Regardez-moi dans la glace.
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30 August 2005


Heart Shaped Bruise

I am checking my email on Jefferson’s computer.

“Breakfast, baby.”

Bacon. Toast. Grapes. Eggs carefully cracked into heart-shaped molds.

It still makes me smile.

Jefferson's ex-Father-in-law is staying over this evening… “Madeline, how do you feel about that?”

“Fine by me, but it’s your call, baby. We can go stay at Viv’s.”

“I want you here, in my space, in my bed.”

“Done. Let’s go out and play.”

Jefferson indulges my Vermeer fetish.

Crossing the park, music and voices in the air; Madeline stops short.

“Jefferson, do you KNOW who that is?”

Slowly shaking head…

“Elvis and Emmylou, honey. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”

Blanket on the grass

A Summerstage picnic

Wine and roast chicken. Watermelon slices and Love Hurts.



Our Last Night.




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Don't you just love the macro focus? Bisous.


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