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25 September 2006



I stood and steadied myself on his shoulder as blood rushed from my head. I took a sip of my bourbon and kissed him softly.

"I'm going to take good care of you, Billy. William."

"Why do you call me William?" he whispered.

"I like it. It's nicer than Billy. And I believe that if one is going to have one's lights fucked out, one should be addressed by one's proper name. And I fully intend to fuck your lights out." My voice was barely a whisper into his ear as my hand reached down to fondle the erection in his boxers.

He smiled and laughed nervously.

I walked him into the bedroom.

I turned and took his baseball cap, tossing it into the corner, "Take this ridiculous thing off. It makes you look twelve."

I lowered the boxers and knelt to inspect his cock.

"It's not very big. I shave it so it looks bigger." More nervous laughter.

I said nothing; just took it in.

His cock jumped and then he stood there, passively.

After a few minutes of slow and deliberate cocksucking I pulled back.

"William, you need to fuck my face. You need to hit the back of my throat with your cock. I'm serious."

He nodded, and I held my head still as he held me behind the ears and bobbed into me. My lips pursed and the sound they made as his dick slid between them made me very wet. I moaned.

"Your turn," he said, as he pulled out and helped me stand. He tossed me back onto the bed.

I laughed, a bit drunk. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and I felt vaguely like I was at the gyno's office ("Scoot your bottom to the end of the table. Good girl.").

Oh, that makes me miss my gynecologist in Detroit, Dr. Amnon. Sigh. But that's another story. Promise.

Then, as if the thought had just landed in his head he said, "Oh! Where are your toys?"

"Hah! Right here."

I flipped over and flung my body across the bed, reaching into the far nightstand. I started tossing things over my shoulder onto the mattress.

"Good lord," he said, picking up a dildo.

I'd stopped, holding the blue Buzz dildo in my hand, remembering a previous conversation. My oral sex could wait. I wanted to test his skills. I reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out the harness.

I stepped off the bed next to the nightstand and stepped into it as he watched wordlessly. I fitted the dildo through the O ring and pulled the harness down on my hips. I walked around the bed and stood in front of him.

He was breathing fast.

"Suck my cock. Now."

He went to his knees and immediately deep-throated the silicone.

"William. Look at me. Slow down and enjoy sucking my cock. Put your arms around my legs. Pinch a nipple. Use your tongue. Do you like how that feels on your tongue?"


"Me, too."

He looked up, as if to protest that it wasn't a real cock, that it couldn't be affecting me.

But it was. The sight of this gingi-boy sucking my big blue cock made me giddy. And goddamn, I wanted to fuck him. I put my hand on the back of his head and began to fuck his face.

By this time the silicone had warmed up nicely and was sliding in and out and down his throat easily.

"Baby, you are a very good cocksucker."

He smiled, "Maybe you can invite me over when one of your other boyfriends is here."

"So you can suck their cocks and watch them fuck me?"

"Uh huh."

At that point I might have given him anything he asked for, but the thought of fucking my boyfriend while he watched electrified my clit and my chest pounded with ache. Damn it, I missed my boyfriend.

I needed to fuck.


I told Billy as much and he happily got onto his back. He lubed himself as I pulled a condom onto the dildo. As he held his legs back, I pressed my cockhead against his hole. I slid right in.

I started fucking slowly, easily, remembering that he'd never been fucked in the ass. Presently, though, the thought occurred to me: He's pretty wasted, into it and this hole is more than ready for some action.

I flipped him over and started pounding him, calling him a freak who liked to have his ass fucked because he couldn't please a woman with his small dick. I called him names. I pinched his nipples until he moaned. And the more I degraded him the hotter the fucking got. He pushed back onto my cock as it sunk into him. I slapped his haunches and held him there as I came, thrusting in place deep inside.

While i was there I encircled his dick with my thumb and forefinger and stroked him once, twice, three times a lady and he shot on my sheets with a cry.

It was as if I'd actually sprouted a cock. I was shaking and felt it as an extension of myself inside him.

I replayed the scene in my head--the degradation of Billy. That was kind of a mindfuck. I don't do that. I barely talk during sex, let alone talk dirty.

I wanted a break.

I pulled out quickly and walked to the bathroom, leaving him to recover on the bed, the drunk-ass motherfucker.

As I sipped my water, I gathered my thoughts, reassured myself and relished in the feeling of a successful fuck.

I looked at the clock. Four and a half hours since he told me about his panty fetish.

I was in no rush to get rid of him. And he was in no condition to drive home. He would leave later, after dinner and several more hours of sex.

I walked back to the bedroom. He was sprawled face down on the bed.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Oh, man, that was awesome!"

"Yeah, you did great, darlin. You really took it in."

"Yeah, and now I'm starving! Let's go eat."

"Why don't we just order something?"

"No! I want to go out! My treat."

I drove.

He chose Greek.

How appropriate, I thought.


Blogger eros in wunderland said...

Your very naughty.

Blogger Chrissy said...

xOnly if I could find one like him here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

delightfully naughty.


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