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01 January 2006


Pas de Trois, Pas de Deux

The door clicked shut.

I turned to Jefferson, who already had his hand on the back of my neck. He kissed me, hard. I kissed him back.

Viviane's hands went straight to his belt. In no time she had his pants off. She looked up at me.

“Jefferson’s wearing boxers?!”

“Baby, it’s cold outside.”

“Cute turtles.”

I unbuttoned his shirt and he was naked. That made two of us.

“Viviane! Why are you still dressed?”

“Come on, you two.”

Viviane led us into her enormous bedroom, lit with candles.

Jefferson was kissing Viviane and undressed her. Viviane had one arm around each of us and kissed me. I felt Jefferson’s hand on my ass, rubbing, warming up. I smiled into Viviane’s lips, “I need to bend over the bed now.”

She took my hand and sat on the edge of the bed, scooting back so I was kneeling over her.

“Girl, what are you doing?” Jefferson asked.

I looked over my shoulder at him smirking mischievously.

“I told you I wasn’t going to beat you yet.”

I bent down and kissed Viviane, ignoring Jefferson and taunting him with my ass.


Silence. Kisses.

He sighs.



I yelped and Viviane and I giggled.

More slaps to my asscheeks, burning bright red, my clit swelling.

Viviane moved over to my side to watch, getting excited, going to my bag and retrieving the flogger for Jefferson.

“Get under her.”

Viviane scooted back into position. I started sucking her clit as Jefferson flogged my ass and thighs, causing my breath to catch in my throat, my tongue to inadvertently press her clit and labia toward my teeth.

She sucked her breath.

Jefferson finished flogging me and spread my cheeks with his hands. His soft, wet, warm tongue teased my asshole and I writhed, face down, hips up.

“God, please fuck me,” I said.

Wordlessly, he covered his dick and slid it hard into my cunt.

I couldn’t concentrate on Viviane’s cunt while my own was being invaded.

She moved her legs to the side and her body down to kiss my mouth and suck on my tits. As she pinched and rolled and sucked my nipples, she gasped.

I looked down to my right. Jefferson, while fucking me from behind, had a finger in Viviane.

“Jesus, he’s fucking both of us,” I said, and laughed.

I moved a couple of fingers to my clit, pushing back into Jefferson's hips and ground myself around to cumming.

“I need to be fucked,” Viviane said.

“Fuck her, baby,” Jefferson said, and sat at the head of the bed with his water, watching. He tossed me a condom and lube.

I pressed into Viviane’s pussy and her legs lifted and closed around me. As I moved into her faster and faster, the harness started slipping. I put my hand around the base of the dildo to steady it.

Goddamn straps…

I adjusted my body to fuck faster. As I got into a good rhythm and Viviane was moaning, cumming, the dildo came out of the O ring.


I finished her off, manually working the dildo in and out of her pussy, my hand pressing on her lower abdomen.

“Oh, okay, okay... Jesus!”

I withdrew the dildo and she pulled me into her kiss, flipping me over.

Jefferson was stroking my hair as Viviane went to work on my tits.

A word about Viviane: The girl likes to bite.

After she’d had her fill of licking and sucking and biting and massaging my breasts she reached down to her nightstand. There was a click and a whirring and her Hitachi Magic Wand was pressing into my clit.


My back arched and I guided Viviane around with my hand until she had the head right where it needed to be. I came, gushing onto the sheets and Viviane rotated the wand around. She’d put on the straight attachment and now slid it inside.

I’d never used a Hitachi, let alone one with attachments and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with the straight penetrative one. Maybe the g-spot head would have worked better; all I know is that after a few minutes I’d had enough of that and pulled it out. Bringing the tennis-ball sized head up to my clit I rolled onto my side, legs together, holding the wand just where I wanted it.

This is my favorite jerking off position when I’m just working my clit. It doesn’t expose my pussy to the cool air; everything stays warm and wet between my closed legs. There is also a nice level of friction attainable on my outer labia, which I love very much and which ain’t so easy to do if I am spread open.

I held the wand with my hands, my thighs keeping the head in position, my hips rocking back and forth.

Goddamn, I want one of these.

Viviane sat back, touching me and said, “Look who’s asleep.”

I looked over, and sure enough, Jefferson was asleep, propped up on pillows, his hand on my head.

Whatever, I needed to cum. I rammed the vibe straight onto my clit, yowling and laughing.

Viviane went to wash the attachment and turn out lights.

We had just gotten comfortable in bed. It was 2 AM.

Jefferson stirred, stretched, sat up and said, “It’s so late! We need to go home!”

“Are you kidding me?” said Viviane, “It’s two o’clock in the morning! Just stay in bed and go home tomorrow!”

But there was no entreating Jefferson. He walked to the living room and started getting dressed.

“I think we’re leaving, Viviane,” I said.

“That is so dumb. Jefferson, you two really should stay.”

I was dressing, gathering my things into the Babeland shopping bag. Viviane pulled on her robe and got our coats. Jefferson loaded some additional things into the bag and we stood by the door.

“Thank you for a great evening, baby,” I said, “I had a great time!”

“You’re welcome, dear. It was fun, wasn’t it? And you fucked me so well.”

We kissed her goodbye and walked out.

In the elevator, I realized how inebriated we were. Jefferson was on a mission to get back home, to wake up in his own bed. We both did that ‘I’m-quite-drunk-but-you-can’t-tell-can-you?’ super-fast, purposeful walk past the doorman and hailed a taxi. We leaned against each other, kissing in the back of the cab. I paid the driver when we pulled up and we got out.

Back in the apartment. We took off our shoes, I left the bag by the door and Jefferson went to hang his coat as I threw mine onto the couch. His back was turned, the closet door opened. I pulled my jeans down and tossed my top and bra to the floor.

When he turned I was completely nude.

We stood together, kissing, as I removed his clothes for the second time that evening, walking backwards toward the bedroom.

His hands stroked my face, my breasts, my waist, down to my cunt. He lowered me to the flannel sheets and I propped myself onto some pillows.

As he kissed and licked and sucked, his face between my legs, I put my hand on his head. I stroked his hair, pulling it when he made me gasp.

All the stimulation earlier had made me hornier than hell.

When he finally entered me I was insane with the wiggling. Underneath, on top, forward, backward, I wanted his cock from every angle.

My legs were straight, his face in my neck, the sweat on our bodies creating a suction which was broken with every thrust, making a ‘raspberry’ sound between our chests.

My feet fell to the sides, and I pressed the balls of them into Jefferson’s arches, perfectly aligned.

My toes pressed into his feet as I came. He came soon after, sitting straight up and holding his cock as his shoulders shuddered and he covered my belly with squiggles of cum.

The blinds were open, allowing some light to filter into the room. We lay on the pillows, smiling.

As my eyes began to close I grabbed the pillow from under my head and tossed it to the floor. Jefferson had his two pillows under his head and an arm slung over my hips. I held his forearm and turned my back to him, moving into the shape of his body and brought his hand up to my heart.

He sighed and kissed the top of my head.


Anonymous laurent said...

I should have posted this earlier, but the only thing sexier than your writing, is the image of you wearing a strap on!

Madeline, you are something else.

Blogger Viviane said...

Did someone say pictures of Madeline with a strap-on? No problem!

Anonymous laurent said...

Are you offering???!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Madeline, everytime I go away for a little while I come back more and more regretful I stopped visiting here. I'm never going away again, I miss to much.


Blogger Madeline Glass said...

thanks, laurent. welcome!

defiant: that'll teach you to go missing. bend over, bitch.

viviane: uh, did i sign that release? fax number, please!

kisses, all.

Blogger Jay said...

yall have such fun wish i was there

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"defiant: that'll teach you to go missing. bend over, bitch."


Blogger Meg said...

now that there is what i was waiting for!

Blogger Viviane said...

Yep, that's what it looked like...!

Anonymous laurent said...

Lovely. You look great in blue.

I am so glad that I enquired and Viviane, thanks for the push.

Blogger Frenchy said...

si belle dans ta force delicate! merci de la photo

Anonymous The Mysteriously Vanishing Marla said...

And this

"Whatever, I needed to cum. I rammed the vibe straight onto my clit, yowling and laughing."

is why i love you :)


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