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19 December 2005


Circle Jerks

We got up eventually and Jefferson went to the computer. He’d been working on a project for a couple of days in preparation for my arrival.

Viviane had been the only other person present when we had sex during my last visit. But I’ve discovered that I really enjoy being watched while I’m fucking. Jefferson said he had the perfect solution, something he’d been testing recently. I was game.

Final email arrangements were made and we made haste to the bedroom, putting sex sheets on the bed. Jefferson was naked on his back and pulled me toward him, his head off the edge. I was standing beside the bed straddling his face when he suggested I ride his cock before our guests showed up.

I was happy to oblige, and twenty minutes later went to the bathroom to wash my face and swish my mouth. I made sure I smelled good and put my pajamas back on. No point in getting dressed for this.

Around one o’clock the boys started to arrive. First was Mitch, a cute, preppy straight boy with brown chin-length curls and glasses. He walked in and shook my hand nervously, standing in the middle of the room, glancing at the art on the walls, “You a teacher?”

“What? Oh, no,” replied Jefferson, “Why?”

“The artwork on the walls.”

“Ah, I have three children. That one over there is a picture of me, as you can tell.”

Lillie drew it last February, during Winter Recess. I remember because Jefferson described it to me when she did it. It’s still hanging at a five-year-old’s eye level where she’d taped it. It’s a figure with a head of yellow hair and enormous blue eyes. She’d filled the background with little hearts.

Ed arrived next, all the way from Jersey. Jefferson made introductions, and I gestured to a chair, “Have a seat if you’d like…” Ed nodded to Mitch: that unmistakable straight boy nod which says, “’sup?”

Jefferson asked if they had ever done this sort of thing before, or ever been in a group situation. Mitch said yes, but nothing like this, Ed was new to it.

“Well, I think you’ll find it fun,” Jefferson said.

Another knock on the door and Mike walked in, confidently. He was very handsome and seemed more at ease than the others. He looked at Jefferson the same way he looked at me: intrigued, attracted, interested. He laid his overcoat on the back of a chair and sat down, resting his feet on a basketball, smiling.

Jefferson and I sat on the couch, holding hands and chatting with the boys. I got up for water and offered to get some for the others. Mike looked me in the eye and said, “Thanks, Maddie, I’d love some water.”

When I got back to the couch, it was ten past one. There were two other men who were slated to join us, but they hadn’t arrived yet. Since this was a lunch date, we decided it was time to start. I laid out the rules.

You may touch Jefferson, but no touching me without permission, and then never below the waist.
We enjoy putting on a show, and love to hear your comments. We don’t take direction, but please don’t be shy about telling us what turns you on.
When you’re ready to shoot, please don’t do it on my face. You can cum anywhere else: on him, on me, on both of us, but I’ve had cum in my eyes and it is no fun.

“Have I left anything out, baby?”

“Nope, that all sounds pretty fair, wouldn’t you all say?”

The boys nodded. With that taken care of, I announced, “Let the Bukkake Circle Jerk Begin!” (Okay, I really didn’t say that, but wouldn’t it have been cool if I had?!)

We went into the bedroom and I told them all to get naked. They were silent, undressing down to nothing, each standing in a different spot around the bed. Jefferson undressed, too, and pulled me into a kiss.

I stole a glance back at the boys, smiling, enjoying their expectant gazes as Jefferson turned me to face them, kissing my neck and unbuttoning my top slowly, then pulling it, almost uncovering my breasts and gently caressing them through the shirt.

He turned me toward him again, and kissing me, slid my pants off exposing my legs and a tiny bit of ass. Someone inhaled as I spread my feet and stood on tiptoe, my leg muscles flexed and the hem of the shirt barely covering my ass.

Jefferson pushed the shirt past my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. He walked me backwards to the bed, lying on top of me, taking my face in his hands.

“Hey, baby…”

We kissed, his hand cupping a breast, his mouth moving down to suck my nipples. I turned my head and saw two boys standing in silence, stroking their cocks. I stretched my arms above my head, arching my back as Jefferson lowered his face to my pussy.

I could hear the boys breathing as I came.

Jefferson put a pillow under my shoulders and straddled me, pulling my head up,

“Suck my cock.”

I had already wet my mouth and took his cock in deeply. As he fucked my face, Mike moved behind him .

“Spread your legs, Madeline. Mike wants to look at your pussy.”

I did, wishing I could see the handsome boy getting an eyeful of Jefferson’s ass pushing forward to my head and my legs lifting my hips up to a better viewing angle.

“She’s got a pretty pussy, doesn’t she?”
“God, yes.”

Jefferson’s cock was rock hard in my mouth and he pulled out, stepping off the bed and bringing me to the edge, flipping me over. My knees were bent, ass up. I pulled a pillow under my torso and he grabbed my hips, slicing into me hard and fast. I was growling, reaching forward to grab the far edge of the mattress.

I lifted my eyes and saw preppy Mitch, naked and sitting in the chair by the window, staring intently at me. I smiled and turned my head to the side, closing my eyes, getting lost.

Jefferson slapped my ass. I gasped.

So did the boys, their cocks responding.


He did a great number on my ass, reddening it and pulling the pillow out from underneath me.

“Madeline, look at that beautiful cock,” he said, turning my head to face Mike. Mike was stroking his dick, which I hadn’t paid much attention to before. It was, well, it was beautiful. And big. He was holding it from beneath with one hand and stroking it with the other.

“That is a very nice cock…” I looked around at the other two, also jerking rock-hard dicks, “Actually, they are all very nice cocks!”

I’d done the thing I do so often during sex, which is to go deeply into myself, shutting out everything except my own sensations. I forgot a little bit about putting on a show. Shame on me.

He pulled me up by my hair and I braced myself with my arms. He laid a hand across my throat, pretending to choke me. I moaned as his fucking intensified and then slowed and he pulled out, tossing the condom to the trash.

He gathered me up and rolled me onto my side. We kissed. He lay on his back and guided my hips as I moved to sit on his face and suck his cock, which was not has hard as I’d have liked. I smiled, because sucking on a soft cock is one of my favorite things.

Jefferson was eating me, my hums intensifying around his cock, which was getting bigger and harder with every stroke. This was definitely a turn-on for the boys. Once he was nice and stiff I pulled up and reached for a condom, grinning.

“You have something you want to do to me now?”
“Yes I do. I am going to fuck you,” I said, as I rolled it on and climbed on top.

I lowered myself onto his cock and started rocking my hips. His cock was pressing into my g-spot, producing little whimpers at the back of my throat with every push. Jefferson scooted back a bit and beckoned to Mike, who came and stood at his head.

"Watch this."

“Aw, yeah,” I mumbled, as Mike slid his cock into Jefferson’s mouth. Jefferson’s hands wrapped around Mike’s thighs and Mike moved his hips slowly, looking from my eyes to his cock. I smiled and bent forward, kissing Jefferson’s nipples and looking up at Mike.

Ed was standing to my left as I sat up and continued riding Jefferson. He leaned toward me, whispering, “Can I touch your breasts?”

“Of course.”

He stepped forward, stroking his (monster) dick and gently laid a hand on my right breast, squeezing softly.

“You can be rougher if you’d like…you can pinch my nipples…”

Jefferson had stopped sucking Mike and said, “Pinch her nipples hard; she likes that.”

Everyone was very quiet; it’s like that with boys.

Ed’s breathing got faster and he asked if I’d like him to cum on my tits.

“Yes, please!”

He reached behind him and dragged the chair closer to the bed. (What the fuck is he doing?) He stepped up, one foot on the chair, the other on the mattress, his bazooka dick aiming at my chest. He steadied himself with one hand on the ceiling (more fingerprints to add to the collection) and I grabbed my ass with my hands, arching my back and sticking out my chest. I was still rocking Jefferson inside me.

He moaned and shot, spurts of cum covering my tits and neck.

“Nicely done, Ed!” Jefferson exclaimed.

“Heh. Can I use the restroom?”

“Sure; there are some washcloths there for you to use, if you like.”

Two minutes later he was gone, thanking us for a great time.

Jefferson flipped me over onto my back and fucked me hard, pulling my legs straight down and angling his cock up to my g-spot. I came, my cervix protesting, my muscles convulsing. He kept his cock inside and sat back on his heels, pulling my hips up to rest on his thighs. There was a cock being jerked above my face which I prayed would not be lowered to my mouth. It was Mike, who started cumming, shooting onto my tits and belly. I opened my eyes and his hand was hovering over my face.

(Aww, he was protecting my face! Could he be any sweeter?)

Mitch was standing to my left, poised, jerking his (monster!) dick. I swear, for a skinny boy, he was packing a baseball bat in his Dockers. He started to shoot. And shoot. And shoot! Fuck, I thought, will he ever stop?

When he’d finished, he stepped back and I smiled up at him, then at Mike, and then I raised my head to look at the load they’d sprayed. My skin was pearly and slippery and cum was starting to drip down my sides to the mattress.

Mike went to the bathroom to wash. Jefferson was as impressed as I was with young Mitch.

“Damn, honey, did you see that money shot?”
“That was amazing!”

Mitch blushed a little, saying, “Yeah, I guess it’s a good thing…it’s healthy, anyway, right?”

“I’ll say,” I said.

As the remaining two got dressed, Jefferson and I stayed on the bed and I told them all about my dream the other night of doing drugs with Jimmy Carter. At first I’d thought I was having sex with Jimmy Carter, but then I realized that it was just a bunch of people standing in a circle doing I’m not sure what…Coke? Heroin? I have never done either, and the last time I smoked pot was back in June, on my divorce night.

Jefferson thought a threesome with Jimmy Carter sounded hot. I agreed and when he asked if I’d have a threesome with him and Ros, I said, “oh, Hell yes!”

But, really, could anything be hotter than a threesome with Johnny and June Carter Cash? We concluded that Rosalind and Jimmy Carter would definitely lose to June Carter Cash and her man, John, in a group sex competition.

We were feeling good, laughing and playing with each other’s fingers as Mike and Mitch thanked their hosts and took their leave.

Jefferson and I were quiet, “Baby, that was fun!”

“Wasn’t it, though? They were a good group of boys. Too bad for the two who knocked on the door after we started. That’ll teach them to be on time for our bukkake circle jerks.”

“Yeah, we don’t mess around with people’s lunch schedules.”

“Speaking of lunch, I’m starving!”

“Christ, me, too!”

“Wanna grab a cheeseburger?”

“After that sex? You bet, muthafuckah.”


Blogger Viviane said...

A basic rule of party etiquette: always be on time.

Phew, I need a moment for myself....

Blogger Olympia said...

Very hot.

Blogger Jay said...

Im rock hard


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