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31 October 2005


It's Always Something

My alarm chimed at Seven AM.

Fuck! I jumped out of bed to turn it off. How rude of me... marcus didn't seem to be disturbed, but now I was awake, aware that I was here, no responsibilities, no demands.

The morning sun filtered through the sheer curtains at the windows.

I slid back into bed, my knees against the backs of his, my face on his neck. I tried--really tried--to sleep, but no luck. As Jefferson says, I am a farm girl, whose libido answers the cock's call. And the more I think of that line, the more I want marcus's cock in my hand, in my mouth, in my pussy.

He turns to me and says, "hey, beautiful."

And there it is.

The hours of re-acquaintance are over; the time for revisiting what we are is at hand. I kiss his shoulder. He responds by rubbing his head against mine. It's like time has stopped and is waiting for us to do what we need to do to be us--Madeline and Marcus again--and it is good.

marcus rolls on top of me and takes a nipple in his mouth.

It's so nice to be with someone who knows me so well, who knows what will get me wet in two seconds' time. Not long after, he's reaching for a condom.

Now, I am finally enjoying our rhythm; this understanding we have. My body welcomes his like a friend. He puts my knees over his shoulders and his head drops as he watches my hips rising to meet him. I am watching, too.

I pull my legs straight back, elevating my hips and increasing the friction on his cock as my pussy gently closes around it. I reach down to graze his balls, to pull them. He speeds up, taking my breath away.

All of a sudden, he pulls out and steps off the bed. He drags me to the end of it, putting my feet on the floor, my chest flat on the mattress. He holds my hips and fucks me hard, skin smacking skin. I am on my toes, cheek pressed to the bed. My muffled voice is moaning as I lose control of my body and cum hard against his.

I reach back and grab the back of his neck, pulling him onto me. We move together to the top of the bed and kneel, facing the wall. I lean forward and put my right forearm on the wall, ass up, and steady myself with my left hand on the mattress. He is fucking me slowly, deeply as I tighten my pussy around his cock. It is quiet; an occasional sigh from my lips and marcus' steady breathing are the only sounds.

I am getting closer to cumming, and as I do, my body moves down to the mattress. He is banging me from behind: slap, slap, slap...I fucking love that sound.

I cum, my arms outstretched to my sides, legs wide and straight.

marcus pulls out and moves to my right as I lie there, unable to move. I hear the cap of the massage oil click, and then feel his hands on my ass, gliding up to my shoulders and back again.

"Oh, my god, I'm never moving from here," I say.

marcus slides his body along the same path; his breath hits my ear and I feel my clit jump. He moves back down toward my ass and I feel his knees on my cheeks. He is supporting himself with his arms at my sides and slowly moves his knees up either side of my spine until they are straddling my neck, his cock hard against my cheek.

I turn my head up to take it.

"Uh-uh...not yet."


Blogger Balthazar B said...

Reading this was an excellent way to start my morning, although it sounds like yours was even better.

Blogger brat said...

I have to say, that i love reading your blog as well as your contributions to Marcus's. Thanks for posting such tittalating content!

Blogger Freya said...

Chest down on the mattress, feet on the floor, arms outstretched and being fucked from behind is my very favorite position. Happy sigh.


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