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11 February 2005



After spending Wednesday and Thursday horny as hell without human assistance, I came to the breaking point. Thomas texted me last night. What did my day look like Friday?

"Clients at 9:00 and 2:30."

"Can I make an appointment?"

"Oh, hell yes! Come over at noon. Bring a lunch."

This is a boy I met online, who lives and works an hour away, and whom I've been fucking on a regular basis for the past 5 weeks. He has a very dirty mouth, which I love; and does a very good job of roughing me up when I ask him to. He also has a very nice cock.

I mean that it's very nice looking. Nicely sized and proportionate. Perfect for me. I love sucking that cock. It's like I'm addicted.

I see my first client, run some errands when she leaves (Should I pick up something for lunch? I decide we won't have time, with all the sucking and fucking.). Come home, shower and dress for the boy. All black- a little cliche, but what the's a nooner, after all. From the heels to the stockings to the panties to the cami. I am such a slut.

Just as I'm starting a load of laundry (so the neighbors can't hear), he knocks on the door. I crack it open (in case it is my landlord, the creep), and let Thomas in.

He pushes me up against the closet door, takes his hand to my throat. Kisses me. I am already unbuckling his belt; I have been waiting for this cock for too long! I start licking and sucking his cock. Nice and slow. He loves it when I use my tongue along the underside, making it last....I could do this all day. He stops me, wants me to walk to the other side of the room so he can watch. He likes the stockings. He likes my ass through the panties.

"I have to finish putting the laundry in," I say, "the washer's stopped filling."

He follows me to the washer and it's all i can do to throw in a set of sheets before my panties are around my ankles and he's fucking me up against the machine and slapping my ass, making me insane. I'm thinking, "This is too close to the neighbors' laundry room; what if they are doing laundry too?" (Shut up! Quit thinking!) I cum, then go straight to my knees to suck his balls...they taste like me. Fuck!

We walk into my bedroom. "New duvet cover?"

"Yes. No cum allowed!"

"Come here, you dirty girl. Show me where to lick your pussy."

I spread my pussy with my fingers and pull back the hood of my clit.

I am on the edge of the bed, he on his knees on the floor, licking and sucking my clit while his fingers are rubbing my g spot. This guy knows exactly how to make me cum. And he's pretty swift with the condoms! He pulls my legs over his shoulders, then pushes my knees back to the mattress. Oh, fuck! This is so deep; so good... Yoga is the best thing ever...

I am about to cum again; I pull a pillow over my face. Thomas tosses it aside and covers my mouth with his hand. I can barely breathe...he's fucking me so hard. He slaps my face with his other hand while he's standing next to the bed.I cum, my legs are shaking with the force of it, and I'm trying to control my breathing so I don't pass out..

More cock sucking. I have to taste my pussy on his cock. I lick myself off the condom, then take it off and take his cock deep into my throat. Get it nice and wet. He lets me have all I want of his cock, then asks if I'd like to be fucked once more before lunch is over.

"Yeah, fuck me on my knees," I say, turning over onto my belly. He pulls my hips, raises my ass and gives me the slowest, deepest thrusts...hitting it every time, making me moan. I take my left hand and start to rub my clit- god, I am so wet. We don't have much more time, but I need something in my ass. I can't take his dick- I'll be out of commission for several hours, and I have a client in 45 minutes.

I take his hand, bring it to my clit, which is so slippery by now, lube a couple of his fingers and push them back to my ass. He likes this, and fingers my ass while he fucks my pussy and pushes my shoulders down on the mattress. More cumming, and I'm so thankful I turned up the volume on the stereo.

He looks at his watch. "We have ten minutes."

"I want you to cum in my mouth," I say. He goes into the bathroom to wash up.

Kneeling back on the bed, he masturbates- and I love watching him- occasionally taking the tip of his cock into my mouth, sucking the precum onto my tongue. He sounds fantastic when he cums, and I am nearly over the edge just watching and listening. I get a mouthful. After I lick off his cock, we fall back onto my bed. He got up, dressed and was gone in 5 minutes.

It was the best lunch I've had all week.


Blogger Jefferson said...

You got a load of laundry done as you had rough sex?

That's admirable multi-tasking!

You write a hot fuck.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

A woman's work is never done!

I've been influenced by many fine Southern writers...

Blogger Jefferson said...

It's me.

I just had to read this again.

Blogger NCTRNL said...

And I thought I was an advanced multi-tasker. I will have to read this again too...

Anonymous marcus said...

hotfuck. hotfuck. hotfuck.

fuck, EYE would like to fuck you.

where the fuck ARE you?

Anonymous Joshua Guess said...

Well, that could be true.

Blogger Evil Minx said...

"He likes this, and fingers my ass while he fucks my pussy and pushes my shoulders down on the mattress."

Yeah baby. That's the way to do it. *involuntarily shivers all the way down to her turned-on toes. * Shit, woman, you DO write a hot fuck. You smokin' mama, you.

"More cumming, and I'm so thankful I turned up the volume on the stereo."

And this last bit just made me laugh until i coughed up a kidney. We SO have to be related. Hee!


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